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Become a member of the Château Pape Clément NFT Club

Club NFT Château Pape Clément.jpg

After having conquered the luxury industry, NFTs are set to shake up the world of wine and Grands Crus Classés. Rarity, exclusivity, desirability and traceability: there is a very natural link between these digital assets and the world of fine wines!

A company in continual pursuit of innovation, Maison Bernard Magrez is moving into Web3 with an unprecedented scheme in the world of Grands Crus Classés: an NFT Club for Château Pape Clément, Grand Cru Classé de Graves.

Meet our ambassadors Club NFT Château Pape Clément 


Bernard Magrez

Owner of 4 Grands Crus Classés 


Maximillian Riedel

International Glassmaker

Amandine Blisson.png

Amandine Albisson

Star dancer at the Paris Opera


Laurent David

President of Wine Tech

Nicolas Sipmygrape.png

Nicholas Strager

Wine influencer


Remi Lamerat.png

Rémi Lamerat

Rugby player at Union Bordeaux Bègles (UBB) and winemaker 

Estelle CMQCLV.png

Estelle Mau
It is Madame who chooses the wine

Wine influencer


Alexandre MA.jpg

Alexandre Ma

Wine review


Jean-crypto-artist - BD.jpg


(crypto) Artist

What is the NFT Château Pape Clément Club?

On the occasion of770th harvestfrom Château Pape Clément, the iconic Grand Cru Classé of Maison Bernard Magrez is up for sale 1252 NFTswhich will function as digital membership cards. Holders of each NFT will thus join the Club et will benefit from several advantages:


An Anniversary Cuvée

An iconic vintage hailed by the greatest wine critics in a limited-edition, members-only format.


Visit & Tasting

Free tours and tastings  at Château Pape Clément

for 2 people



& products

Sneak peeks every month to discover new products and experiences

2 (1).jpg

A digital artwork

A digital reinterpretation of Château Pape Clément by artist Pierre Blaise Dionet, whose work is soon to be exhibited at the Atelier des Lumières

Clos des Songes.jpg

Luxury stays

Upgrade to a suite during your stays at the Château

Seth - 2.07.19.jpg

Art & Culture

Help yourself to Contemporary Art! Free admission to exhibitions



Priority access to events organized by Maison Bernard Magrez

2020-Boutique PC Traitées-WEB-01.jpg

Member savings

Enjoy special prices in our wine shops


Exclusive content

Follow the creation of the 770th vintage in a dedicated members-only space

What is an NFT? 


NFTs (“Non Fungible Tokens”) are digital assets that are unique as they are not interchangeable. Each NFT is linked to a tamper-proof digital certificate of authenticity registered on the blockchain.

What is the Blockchain?

The blockchain is quite simply a database that stores the NFTs (the digital certificates of ownership). It is tamper-proof, permanent and contains a complete record that is freely accessible at all times. 

What is Web3?

Web1 allowed us to consult data (Web pages). Web2 gives us the possibility to interact with data (social networks). Web3 now allows us to own data through NFTs in a Wallet.


It is not just about ownership; it is the whole concept of community that is evolving with this third digital revolution.

What is a Wallet?

A Wallet (digital wallet) is a place to securely store NFTs. The Château Pape Clément NFT Club has chosen the Arianee Wallet.


How would you like to have a Grand Cru Classé in your wallet?

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