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The Four Seasons Tour





About the Course

Between secrets of stones and of great men, the majestic history of Château Pape Clément will be recounted. Discover Seven Centuries of History… After a detailed explanation of the various works within the vineyard throughout the year, discover the wooden vat-house used for the vinification of red wine, let yourself be told its winemaking secrets. Finally visit the barrel cellar where our wine aged for 18 months and discover the subtleties of successful aging. End your visit with a tasting of 5 wines including rosé, dry white, red and sweet on different terroirs including Château Pape Clément red wine.

Duration : 2 hours, through prior reservation.


Winery open 7 days a week, book by email : or by phone.

Closed on the 1st of January, 1st of May and 25th of December

PHONE : +33 5 57 26 38 34

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