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Tea time at Château Pape Clément

Continue your expérience at Château Pape Clément and grant yourself to a gourmet break at the Château

You now know the secrets of a Great Wine, extend the immersive experience and push the doors of the Château for a moment of indulgence and comfort. 


From 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
From Monday to Sunday

Reservation online or by email


Welcome to our iconic Salon des Boiseries, enjoy the softness of the wood and our majestic crystal chandelier.

Get confortanle and warm up with a hot drink from our selection and some delicacies.

You will be offered:

- A Hot Drink (coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate or tea)
- An "Alain Millat" fruit juice
- A piece of homemade cake
- An assortment of sweets

Price: 18 euros per person.

Reservation online or by email

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