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Privacy Policy

General informations :


The BERNARD MAGREZ Group is particularly committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of its customers' personal data. Aware of the importance of this data, we undertake to protect it in accordance with the regulations in force applicable in France.


We detail below the conditions and procedures for the collection and use of your personal data, your rights to your data and your obligations.


This policy aims to provide you with an understanding and general information on the commitments and practical measures taken by the BERNARD MAGREZ Group to ensure the respect and security of your personal data.


We leave it to you to discover the details of this policy applicable since May 25, 2018.




The personal data of our customers and visitors, including our Internet users, are processed by the company BERNARD MAGREZ, as data controller.



joint stock company

share capital : 47 106 400,00 €

registered in the Bordeaux Trade and Companies Register under number 334 626 850

head office : Chateau Pape Clément, 216 AV Doctor Nancel Penard, 33600 PESSAC


For your complete information, Château Pape Clément, which publishes this website, is a subsidiary of the Bernard MAGREZ Group and therefore of the company BERNARD MAGREZ SAS.




We collect your personal data :

In general, we take care to minimize any collection of personal data concerning you and we undertake to collect only the data that is necessary for each of the purposes below.


According to the documents under which we collect your personal data, either (in the presence of asterisks) the data marked with an asterisk are essential to respond to your requests or to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, or (in the absence of 'asterisks) all the information requested from you is essential to respond to your requests or to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation.  The fact of not providing us with this information may thus prevent us from responding to your requests.





The processing implemented by our company meets the following purposes :



Legal basis

Perform operations relating to customer management concerning  quotes, contracts, orders, reservations or requests for information

This processing is justified by the contractual or pre-contractual relationship existing between you and our company

Perform operations relating to customer management concerning invoices, accounting and in particular the management of customer accounts

This processing is based on our legal obligations

Perform operations relating to customer management concerning monitoring customer relations such as carrying out satisfaction surveys or surveys, managing complaints

This processing is based on our legitimate interest in order to improve the quality of our services as well as to improve the content and presentation of our websites.

Carry out operations relating to prospecting, such as the management of technical prospecting operations, the selection of people to carry out loyalty, prospecting, survey, product test and promotion actions, the performance of solicitation operations , sending newsletters

Regarding the data concerning our customers :

This processing is based on our legitimate interest – to improve our quality of service, our product and service offerings as well as the content and presentation of our websites.


Regarding the data concerning our prospects :

These treatments are based on your prior consent

When, exceptionally, the collection of consent is not possible, this processing is based on our legitimate interest as described above  

Development of commercial statistics

Management of people's opinions on products, services or content

This processing is based on our legitimate interest – to improve our quality of service, our product and service offerings as well as the content and presentation of our websites.

Updating of its prospecting files by the organization, person or department of our company in charge of managing the list of opposition to cold calling

This processing is based on our legal obligations

Organization of contests, lotteries or any promotional operation

This processing is based on the execution of the game contract that you concluded with us during your participation in said game.

Management of requests for the right of access, rectification and opposition

This processing is based on our legal obligations

Management of outstanding payments and litigation, management of complaints

This processing is based on our legitimate interest in order to improve our quality of service and limit legal disputes.



With regard to the statistics that we produce, we take care, when possible, to anonymize your data in order to limit its use.



  • Newsletter:



By subscribing to our newsletter, you can choose your areas of interest in order to receive related emails. We use these indications together with your personal data to send you information worthy of interest to you.


If you prefer to unsubscribe from our newsletter or our advertising emails, you can click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.





In our capacity as data controller, we collect personal data concerning you exclusively in relation to the purposes described above, to honor our commitments, to get to know you better and to optimize our quality of service.


As such, it is important that you inform us immediately of any changes to your personal data so that we can update them. Otherwise, we may not be able to provide some of our services.


You will find details of the personal data we collect below :

  • Data relating to your identity (title, surname, first names, address, telephone number, e-mail addresses, date and place of birth, internal processing code allowing the identification of the customer, identity documents)_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_;

  • Data relating to the means of payment and the transaction in question (terms of payment, billing address, discounts granted, receipts, balances and unpaid bills, postal or bank identity statement, check number, bank card number, end date of validity of the bank card, the transaction number, the details of the purchase, subscription, good or service subscribed) ;

  • Data relating to your family, economic and financial situation (marital life, number of people in the household, number and age of the child(ren) in the household, profession, field of activity, socio-professional category, presence of pets)  ;

  • Data relating to the follow-up of the commercial relationship: requests for documentation, reservations made, products or services purchased, newsletter subscription, quantity, amount, frequency, recordings and copies of your communications with our services, comments made by you as to your degree of satisfaction ;

  • Data necessary to respond to certain special requests (taste, habit, preference, particular type of accommodation, etc.);

  • Data necessary for carrying out loyalty, personalization of services, prospecting, study, survey and promotion actions ;

  • Data relating to the organization and processing of contests, lotteries and any promotional operation such as the date of participation, responses to contests and the nature prizes offered ;

  • Browsing data on our website (IP address, browsing origin, browsing data, browser version and type, operating system used, domains and time of the request).





The retention period for your personal data differs depending on the purpose for which we collect it.


We have summarized in the following table the main retention periods that we apply :



Duration of retention of personal data

Managing our client files

For the duration of our commercial relationship and beyond for the duration of the legal guarantees (i.e. 5 years from the end of our commercial relationship)

Management of contracts, orders and reservations

10 years

Billing management

10 years

Commercial prospecting (and management of the list of opposition to commercial prospecting)

3 years from their collection or the last contact from the prospect or the last order from our client or the exercise of the right of opposition

Development of trade statistics

1 year after last contact

or no response after two successive requests

Identity document in case of exercise of the right of access or rectification

1 year

Identity document in case of exercise of the right of opposition

3 years

Management of the prospecting opposition list

3 years



At the end of these periods, these data will be irreversibly deleted or anonymised.


However, your personal data may be kept beyond the periods indicated in the following cases :

  • to meet a legal or regulatory obligation, for the time required to fulfill the obligation in question,

  • to be able to respond to any legal action, and this during the limitation period provided for by the applicable legislation,

  • to respond to a legal action, for the duration of said legal action.





All data that you share with us, or that we collect from you when you browse our site, will be kept secret and will not be disclosed to third parties, except as required by law or if the data must be transmitted for the execution of the contractual relationship to which you have subscribed.


Thus, only the authorized personnel of the company BERNARD MAGREZ as well as the company publishing the website where you are browsing or the company providing the requested service have access to your personal data, i.e., as the case may be, the personnel of the marketing department, the sales department, the departments responsible for handling customer relations and prospecting, the administrative departments, the logistics and IT departments, the accounting department, as well as their line managers and the authorized persons of the control departments.


In addition, your personal data may be transmitted to the following recipients :

  • all third parties involved in the performance of the subscribed service,

  • our IT service providers,

  • our subcontractors,

  • legal assistants and ministerial officers as part of their mission of advice, debt collection or representation.


Exclusively with your consent, some of your personal data (namely your identity, your postal address, your e-mail address, your telephone number and your family, economic and financial situation) may also be transmitted to our business partners for prospecting purposes. commercial.


In any case, natural or legal persons will only have access to your data when it is necessary for the processing in question.


We strictly require our service providers and contractors to use your personal data only to administer the services we ask them to provide. We also ask these service providers to always act in accordance with the applicable laws on the protection of personal data and to pay particular attention to the confidentiality and security of your data.


We may also be required to communicate your data to third parties to respond to an injunction from the legal authorities.





We ensure the security of your data and do not transfer them outside the European Union.


However, if such a transfer should occur, we will inform you and assure you from now on that we will pay particular attention to ensuring that this transfer is carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations and will put in place organizational and procedural measures and rigorous and appropriate techniques, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your personal data.





When consulting our website, cookies are placed on your computer, mobile or tablet.


Cookies are text files stored on the hard drive of your computer, mobile or tablet which, when you browse our site, monitor your activity and provide us with key data allowing us in particular to facilitate navigation, personalize our site at


If cookies are stored on your computer, you will not need to enter all the data required to access this site each time you visit it.


This approach is part of all the efforts we make to offer you seamless access to our pages and our services.


You will find below information allowing you to better understand how cookies work and how to use current tools to configure them.

On your computer, tablet or smartphone, cookies are managed by your internet browser and are specific to our Company.


  • Purposes of cookies


Different types of cookies are used on our website, they have different purposes.


Some are necessary for your use of our website. Others allow us to improve our quality of services and to personalize them.



  • Cookies strictly necessary for the use of the Site

These Cookies allow you to use the main functionalities of the Site normally (for example the memorization of the products placed in your basket).


  • Functional cookies

These cookies allow us to memorize your connection data, secure your connection to our website, personalize your experience on the site (choice of language).


  • Google Analytics Cookies

These cookies allow us to produce statistics relating to the use of our websites.


Google Analytics is an analytics service operated by Google that helps sites understand how to customize their pages to improve user experience. This service uses cookies to track your actions, including the time you spend on our site and the pages you visit. To learn more about Google Analytics, visit the official page.



  • Accept or refuse cookies


If you do not want cookies stored on your computer, you can use the following procedures to block cookies from our site.


Please note that blocking cookies may limit access to certain features of our site and result in a less streamlined experience.


- The configuration of your internet browser


You can choose to disable these cookies at any time. Your browser can also be configured to notify you of the cookies that are stored on your computer and ask you to accept them or not. You can accept or refuse cookies on a case-by-case basis or refuse them systematically once and for all.


If your browser is configured to refuse all cookies, you will not be able to take advantage of certain functions of our website, such as receiving personalized recommendations. In order to manage cookies as closely as possible to your expectations, we invite you to configure your browser taking into account the purpose of cookies as mentioned above.


Here is how to control or prevent the saving of cookies:


The configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to modify your wishes in terms of cookies.


You can disable cookies by following the instructions as follows:


1/ if you use the Internet Explorer browser


In Internet Explorer, click on the button " Tools ", then on " Options Internet_cc781905_bb3b-954cde-bad6" .


On the General tab, under Browsing History, click “ Settings ”.


Click on the “ View Files ” button.


Click on the column header " Name to sort all files alphabetically ", then browse the list until you see files starting with the prefix " Cookie ". (All cookies have this prefix and usually contain the name of the website that created the cookie).


Select it or cookies and delete them.


Close the window that contains the list of files, then double-click " OK " to return to Internet Explorer.


2/ if you use the Firefox browser


Go to the “ Outils ” tab of the browser then select the “ Options_cc7819035-6bb5-bad-95-cde” menu.


In the window that appears, choose " Privacy " and click on " Display cookies_cc7819051b3b-3 -136bad5cf58d_”.

Select them and delete them.


3/ if you use the Safari browser


In your browser, choose the Edit menu > Preferences.


Click on “ Security ” then on “ Show cookies_cc781905-5c6-bbd_bad-3195843”.


Select the cookies and click on “ Erase ” or on “ Erase all_cc781905-94bb18_bb18-bad-35bad”.


After deleting the cookies, click on “ Done ”.


4/ if you use the Google Chrome browser


Click on the menu icon “ Tools ” then select “ Options_cc781905-94bb18_bad-35bcf58d_”.


Click on the “ Advanced Options ” tab and navigate to the “ Privacy_cc7819035-95-bad-6bb18d_” section.


Click on the “ Show cookies ” button.


Locate the files, select them and delete them.


Click on “ Close ” to return to your browser

-Setting up on a cookie management platform


You can manage your cookies by going to cookie management platforms offered by advertising professionals.


To find out more about cookies and their management, go to the CNIL website or click on the option “Help” from your browser menu.





Your personal data is stored either in our databases or in those of the recipients  referred to in article 6 above.


We keep your personal data in a secure manner, for the time necessary to achieve the purpose pursued by the processing. In this perspective, we take the appropriate physical, technical and organizational measures to prevent any alteration or loss of your data or any unauthorized access to it.





In accordance with the regulations in force, you have the following rights :

  • right of access to your personal data contained in our databases,

  • right to rectify or erase your data, it being specified that this right may be limited with regard to our contractual and/or legal obligations,

  • right to limit the processing of your personal data in the cases provided for by the regulations and in particular by article 18 of the GDPR,

  • right to portability of your data,

  • right of opposition to the collection and processing of your data for legitimate reasons,

  • right to object to the use of your data for commercial prospecting purposes by our company, or even by our Group, by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email or by contacting us at the address given below ,

  • right to withdraw your consent at any time, for processing for which we have collected your consent.


You can exercise these rights, free of charge, by sending us a request accompanied by proof of identity (optional):

  • by email to the address:

  • by post to the following address: Service digital, Château Pape Clément 216 Avenue Docteur Nancel Penard 33600 Pessac.


You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL). Naturally, we are at your disposal in the event of any difficulty in order to find an amicable solution.


You can also give general or specific instructions to a trusted third party certified by the CNIL or our company, relating to the storage, erasure and communication of your personal data after your death. You can designate a person in charge of their execution and modify them at any time. In the absence of directives given during your lifetime, your heirs will be able to exercise certain rights, in particular the right of access.





We would like to point out that you have the right to register on the BLOCTEL canvassing opposition list via the following url pursuant to article L.223-2 of the Code of Consumption.





This personal data protection policy is available free of charge :

  • on our website 

  • in all of our establishments, on request,

  • on request at the following address : or by post: Digital Service, Château Pape Clément 216 Avenue Docteur Nancel Penard 33600 Pessac.






We may occasionally modify or adjust our personal data protection policy in order to update it in particular with regard to changes in our activities.


We therefore invite you to consult it regularly and in particular during each visit to our website or to one of our establishments in order to read its latest version.


However, we will make sure to inform you of any substantial change in the use of your personal data by our Group and/or seek your agreement if necessary.



Update date : October 29, 2018

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