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Art at the Château

Bernard Magrez: Great Patron of Art 

For more than thirty years, Bernard Magrez has been collecting his favorites, bringing together great contemporary names such as Xavier Veilhan, Jean-Michel Othoniel and JonOne...


Find the 35 works of the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute which are exhibited at Château Pape Clément.


Let yourself be guided by Art at Château Pape Clément, visiting the castle room by room, to discover its works of art and their explanations.

The Quartet:
4 exceptional musicians, 4 world-renowned instruments  

I entrusted to four classical musicians with promising talent, musical instruments reputed "world treasures" which I acquired:

A Stradivarius violin that Antonio Stradivarius designed in his golden period in 1713. It was entrusted to Nicolas Dautricourt.

A cello by Ferdinando Gagliano from 1788, the luthier considered number 1 in cello production. This was entrusted to François Salque.

A 1660 Cassini viola entrusted to Lise Bertaud.

A Nicolas Lupot violin made in 1795, it was entrusted to Guillaume Chilemme.

Bernard Magrez


Francois Salque

Cello Ferdinando Gagliano 1788


Guillaume Chilemme

Violin Nicolas Lupot 1795 


Lise Berthaud

Viola Cassini 1660


Nicolas Dautricourt

Stradivari Violin 1713

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