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The Château Pape Clément NFT Club

A club for lovers of Grand Vins 

What if your membership card was an NFT?

NFTs are shaking up the world of wine 


After having conquered the luxury sector,NFT shake up the world of wine and Grands Crus Classés. Rarity, exclusivity, desirability and traceability: the link between these digital assets and the world of Great Wines is quite natural!

What is an NFT? What is the impact for players in the wine world? What are the pioneering projects and what is the future of NFTs?

Decryptionby key players in the universeWeb3& fromwine world



-Lawrence David– President of La Wine Tech
-Pierre Nicolas Hurstel– CEO co-founder of Arianee
-Alexandre Bertin– Head of Monitoring and Forecasting at Unitec
-Jaen– Crypto artist and art director
-Camilo Gomez– Digital Marketing Manager Bernard Magrez
-Sébastien Labat– Director of the Bernard Magrez Incubator

By participating in the webinar, you will have the opportunity to win an exceptional prize!

How would you like to have a Grand Cru Classé in your wallet?

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