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Tea time at the Chateau





About the Course

You now know the secrets of a Great Wine, extend the immersive experience and push the doors of the Château for a moment of indulgence and comfort. 


From 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. From Monday to Sunday

Welcome to our iconic Salon des Boiseries, enjoy the softness of the wood and our majestic crystal chandelier.

Get confortanle and warm up with a hot drink from our selection and some delicacies.

You will be offered:

- A Hot Beverage (coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate or tea)

- Alain Millat fruit juice

- A slice of home-made cake

- A basket of pastries

-Fresh homemade fruit salad (with seasonal fruit from the Château's kitchen garden).

Price: 24 euros per person.

Reservation online or by email

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