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Visit to the Gardens of Château Pape Clément





About the Course

In order to allow the discovery of the hundreds of plant species, plants and rare trees present in the park and gardens of Château Pape Clément, Bernard Magrez, owner of this iconic property, is launching a "phygital" experience called "Les Jardins Extraordinaires".

One of the singularities of Château Pape Clément lies in the quality, originality and uniqueness of its park.

The park is made up of multiple gardens (olive groves, palm groves, vegetable gardens, succulents, golf greens, etc.) in which approximately 600 varieties of plants and trees grow, some of which are unique in the region.

Access the multimedia content from your smartphone and let Gil, the estate's landscape gardener, guide you through the secrets of the gardens.

The visit is free and no application needs to be downloaded.

The visit is available thanks to QR codes.

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